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Najd Is The Next Character To Join The King of Fighters XIV

Fan-designed character set to go live in April

The King of Fighters XIV has been one of the most underrated fighters of the last couple years. Despite some at-times suspect netcode, it boasts some of the best fighting, most variety, and one of the largest rosters of the generation. And that roster just got a little bit bigger.

Today, SNK and Atlus revealed the first trailer for Saudi Arabian fighter, Najd. Najd is the result of a contest held in 2017 to design a new KOF character, which was won by a Saudi artist named BMashael. Najd’s flashy fighting style is assisted by a djinn named Halek, and her flames have a striking resemblance to Ash Crimson’s green flames from the previous story arc, not to mention an unintentional similarity to Terumi’s Ouroboros snakes from the BlazBlue series.

Najd is set to release in April 2018, alongside Heidern, Oswald, and a still silhouetted fourth DLC character, as well as a new stage set in the character and creator’s homeland of Saudi Arabia.

I gotta say, I’m pretty excited to try her out. The newcomers to KOFXIV so far have been wonderful, and if she plays as well as she looks, she’s going to be well worth the money when she drops. Check her out in the video above, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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