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Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior to be ported to Dreamcast

Another obscure relic from the past will join the Dreamcast library

One of the things I genuinely love about the Dreamcast community is you just never know what crazy long-lost game might be discovered, a brand-new peripheral is announced or yet another video game Kickstarter announces a Dreamcast stretch goal … you know, just for the sake of it.

In keeping with our strange community, another surety is random ports of games long forgotten or ones you’ve never really heard of. Today, we bring you some of that news with the announcement that Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior (known as Death Sword in North America) will be ported to the Dreamcast later this year.

Barbarian is a rather simplistic fighter that was released on the Commodore 64 in 1987, and the Dreamcast port will feature enhanced graphics, along with the option of swapping between various graphic modes of versions released on other ancient systems, like the Atari ST, according to Dreamcast Junkyard.

Published by Retro Games Ltd., the game is said to have a physical release later this year.

[Via Dreamcast Junkyard]

Chris Powell

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