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SEGA Sammy sees slumps in sales, despite physical game jump

The SEGA Sammy corporation has released both their financial statement for the past nine months, up until December 31, 2017, as well as their Q3 report. They report that there has been a drop in both their net sales and their operating income.

SEGA’s sales have gone done 8.7% at ¥260,804 million ($2.4 billion) and their operating income has also decreased 26.9% at ¥25,623 million ($234 million). The company is also forecasting another drop of sales by 10%, this will come to effect by the end of SEGA’s fiscal year in March.

While the slump is due to the Sammy Corporation sales in pachinko machines and SEGA’s mobile division, SEGA Entertainment is quietly enjoying a 1.6% increase in sales. SEGA reports that physical games sold 14.28 million copies, this is mainly due to the sales of Sonic Forces and Ryu ga Gotoku KIWAMI 2, which SEGA stated that both performed strongly.

While SEGA acknowledges their pachinko slump, they do have a bright future in the gambling setting as they obtained licensing to produce and distribute gambling machines in Nevada.

[Source: SEGA Sammy]

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