Meet Tangle, Sonic’s new ring-tailed ally

Plus, some fan favorite artists are returning to the fray!

This new character doesn’t have hair as long as Rapunzel, but her tail is long enough to whip anyone surrounding her in one spin.

IDW has revealed Tangle the Lemur as Sonic’s newest ally Wednesday, and she’ll be officially introduced for the first time in Sonic the Hedgehog issue #4 on April 25. Designed by Tyson Heese, the animator behind the opening and ending sequences for Sonic Mania, Tangle possesses the ability to use her tail as an extra appendage to whip or punch her opponents.

Tangle character design by Tyson Heese.
Courtesy: IDW Publishing/©SEGA

In an email interview with IGN, IDW associate editor David Mariotte revealed how the beautiful and feisty Tangle came to be. “Before she even had a name, we knew we wanted her to be like a lot of other great Sonic characters and have a special ability tied to one of her features. Think Tails [with his twin chopper tails] and Knuckles [with his spiked fists],” Mariotte said. (He forgot to mention that Cream’s floppy ears enable her to fly as well.) “So, we were brainstorming animals who could do cool stuff and a ring-tailed lemur who could use her tail alternately like a whip or a fist was too cool to pass up! Throw in her scrappiness, she likes to ‘tangle’ with bad guys, and you have an awesome character!”

The likelihood of Tangle appearing in a game in the foreseeable future lies in SEGA’s jurisdiction.

In other news, Ian Flynn announced on Twitter that veteran artists Jennifer Hernandez, Jamal Peppers, and Evan Stanley are coming back to add the same whimsical colors to IDW’s pages they brought to Archie’s.

Courtesy: Twitter

Here’s some fantastic Tangle artwork from both Hernandez and Stanley!

Courtesy: Twitter
Sonic the Hedgehog #4 cover art by Evan Stanley.
Courtesy: IDW Publishing/©SEGA

Source: IGN

Author’s Note: This article has been revised to replace “Thursday” with “Wednesday” as the day Tangle the Lemur was revealed. I regret the error made in the original post.

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