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SEGA undergoes a 54.5% company-profit cut

SEGA has just released its a new adjusted forecast for the upcoming fiscal year.

Due to sales of Pachislot and Pachinko machines in Japan, SEGA has adjusted the overall company profit for the year all the way to March 31, 2018. SEGA had predicted net sales to be ¥380 billion ($3.38 billion) for 2017, however, due to the adjustment because of poor pachinko sales, their net sales have been reduced to ¥330 billion ($3.29 billion), which is a 13.2% decrease.

As for the profit cut, its been reported that SEGA has reduced its profit from ¥11 billion ($9.76 billion) to ¥6 billion ($5.33 billion). That is a loss of ¥5 billion ($44.6 million), giving them the 54.5% profit decrease.

SEGA’s game division was not affected by the cut at all. In fact, the game division is doing quite well, having received a 3.8% in sales due to big titles like Sonic Mania and Total War: Warhammar II, as told in their last financial report.

[Source]: SEGA Sammy

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