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New Sonic Forces trailer reveals plot

"When we join forces, the sky's the limit!"


SEGA has released the English version of the Story Trailer for Sonic Forces Friday afternoon, nine days after Japanese version.

The trailer begins with Eggman ranting, “Sonic, how I hate him. And all that loathing has been focused into this invincible instrument of destruction!” as he walks over to his latest creation, Infinite. This scene reveals that, just like Shadow by Professor Gerald, this omnipotent mink was artificially engineered by Dr. Eggman.

We then cut to the headquarters of Sonic’s friends where Knuckles announces, “Eggman’s forces have chewed through our defenses in Green Hill.”
“Eggman’s army has everyone terrified,” Silver says as some of Eggman’s henchmen condescendingly creep up towards Tails and other Mobians he’s trying to protect.
At Eggman’s stronghold, the red wolf avatar, christened Gizmo by fans, is rescued by Sonic before getting clobbered by the robots. Sonic reaches his hand to Gizmo and exclaims, “Here goes, partner!”

In some kind of eerie homage to Deem Bristow’s Eggman in Sonic Heroes, Mike Pollock’s Eggman declares, “In just three short days, my plan will eliminate the bothersome lot of you.”
Infinite propels himself towards Gizmo and drives a fist into Gizmo and says, “I’ll teach you fear, then pain.”
The trailer ends with Sonic saying, “When we join forces, the sky’s the limit!”

The voice-acting for the English dub was initially a little screechy, especially Knuckles’ voice-acting, but it shouldn’t be an issue since I’ve already grown to like the current voice cast for Sonic and Co. Warren Graff’s script really fits the dark tone of Sonic Forces given his writing history with Happy Tree Friends.

Sonic Forces releases Nov. 7 on the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Pre-orders are now available.

Cristina Alexander

Cristina Alexander has been an avid fan of Sonic the Hedgehog since 2003. Her favorites include "Sonic Adventure 2," "Sonic Heroes," "Sonic Advance 3," "Shadow the Hedgehog," "Sonic Riders," "Sonic Unleashed," and "Sonic Colors." Her favorite video game franchises outside of Sonic include Kingdom Hearts, Pokémon, and Just Dance. She's currently studying Multimedia Journalism at Florida Atlantic University.

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