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ATLUS created a European publishing division in London

When it came to releasing ATLUS games in Europe, the company relied on third party companies to publish them. In a recent announcement, ATLUS revealed that a European publishing division was established and they will publish their own games from now on.

Jacob Nahin, senior PR manager at Atlus US had this to say about their latest step.

“It is a strong example of the growth we are experiencing as a company, Publishing in Europe is simply the next step for us. What this means initially for fans is a parity for launch and premium editions. From a business perspective, we’ll be better positioned to address the needs of each market in which we release our titles.”

Nahin also shared some praise for the Yakuza franchise in Europe, noting its increase in popularity.

“An example would be Yakuza 6. Both the US and Europe will now get those whisky glasses with the frosting on them, and the coasters, and all of that as extras. It provides us with a lot of business opportunities, and a lot of opportunities to better give fans what they’re looking for.”

“It’s been interesting to see the awareness of the Yakuza franchise and the IP as a whole grow. I feel like Yakuza 0 came out of nowhere for a lot of people, but we’ve seen the fandom and [user] base grow a little bit more with each title. We also published Persona 5 [in the US], which is still selling really well, and it definitely seems people are now more aware of the Persona franchise as well. It’s always had a strong following, but each time it does better. I think it’s a really interesting time for Japanese titles coming to the west.”


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