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Shenmue HD Remasters are in ‘Actively Pursuing’ status

High-Definition remasters of Shenmue and Shenmue II are looking more probable. Recently, MCV interviewed John Clark, Sega Europe’s executive vice president of publishing. Sega is aware that HD remasters of the first two Shenmue games are among the top requested games to be ported to services such as Steam and PSN—not just by fans, but their own staff as well. Clark states:

“It’s something we would love to make happen, something we are trying to make happen,I think we want it to happen as much as anybody out there. Yes, it’s a serious task and it’s not a task that we’re not working on, if that makes sense. It’s something we’re actively pursuing.”

Clark’s statement doesn’t officially confirm Shenmue HD remasters, but it certainly increases the probability that Sega is seriously considering its seal of approval. Earlier in June, Yu Suzuki confirmed that Shenmue III would be beyond its December 2017 release date—most likely in the second half of 2018. So if the Shenmue HD remasters are to happen, it’s more plausible for Sega to release the remasters around the release of Shenmue III.

Source: MCV



John Perkins

John's first glimpse into gaming was with the Sega GameGear in ’94. His first game ever was Ecco the Dolphin. It was around this time he developed his love for the 90's cartoons based on Sonic the Hedgehog. He favorite Sega games include; NiGHTs, Panzer Dragoon, Shenmue, and Sonic. Currently, he is finishing his degree in Multimedia Studies & aspires to become an accomplished 3d animator/ modeler.

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