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Super 3D Noah’s Ark comes to Genesis via Kickstarter

Our prayers to the Wisdom Tree God have been answered

The Wisdom Tree Bible games on the SEGA Genesis and NES certainly won’t be remembered for their great graphics or stellar gameplay. However, they still hold a place in video game history as the company had some pretty big balls to release unlicensed games on Nintendo’s systems in a time when Nintendo ruled the video game industry with an iron fist.

While many think of the NES versions when they think of Wisdom Tree’s Bible games, there were actually four games released on the Genesis:

  • Exodus: Journey to the Promised Land released in 1993
  • Joshua & The Battle of Jericho released in 1994
  • Spiritual Warfare released in 1994
  • Bible Adventures released in 1995

But thanks to our friends at Pyko Interactive, a new Wisdom Tree release is on its way to the Genesis as the company is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to port Super 3D Noah’s Ark to our little 16-bit machine. The game was originally released on the Super Nintendo and is a Wolfenstein 3D-style first-person shooter, where Noah shoots hundreds of escaped and angry animals onboard the ark with a slingshot to put them back in their place.

After we came short to the stretch goal of the Arkade Kickstarter Campaign to fund the Port of S3DNA for Genesis; we slowly started working on finishing the proof of concept that we had prepared for the campaign. Well, that proof of concept is a 95% done Noah’s Ark 3D for Sega Genesis! We are just need to polish the game and start a production run!

This game will be also have a Special Numbered Edition made in limited quantities (up to 175).

All physical rewards will be Region Free (Functional in PAL or NTSC consoles) and will come in a plastic box packaging including a color instruction manual.

We’ve been told the game is being completely rewritten with a new engine that will take advantage of the Genesis’ hardware capabilities.

A cartridge only copy will run you $40, which includes Steam keys for Noah’s Ark HD and the Wisdom Tree Digital Collection, while a $55 pledge will you get a complete-in-box copy of Super 3D Noah’s Ark, in addition to the digital bundle.

The estimated delivery is this November, so it should be a relatively quick turnaround, especially compared to some other SEGA-related Kickstarter campaigns we’ve covered in the past.

You can visit the Kickstarter page here.

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