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AtGames announces HDMI Genesis Flashback pre-order details

Shipments scheduled to begin Fall 2017

AtGames has released details on its upcoming range of SEGA Genesis consoles, including its highly anticipated SEGA Genesis Flashback, which will include HDMI out for 720p video display.

Pre-orders for the SEGA Genesis Flashback, Classic Game Console and Ultimate Portable Game Player will begin on July 28 from select retailers, to include Target, Best Buy and GameStop, with shipments planned for this fall.

The Genesis Flashback looks like a Model 1 Genesis and will have 85 pre-installed games, 2.4ghz wireless controllers, a cartridge slot, controller ports compatible with legacy Genesis controllers, scan-line filtering and a save/pause/rewind feature.

You can view the full release of games here, but we’ve been told that there will be 10 more Genesis games added to the list of previously announced games, with 10 of the “shovelware” games removed, bringing the library of pre-installed games to 55 Genesis, Master System and Game Gear games and 30 shovelware games.

Expect a full review of the Genesis Flashback in the next issue of Mega Visions Magazine!


Chris Powell

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