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Sonic Forces will feature separate stories

Since the days of Sonic Adventure, Sonic Team has featured separate stories for each of their characters. In Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, you see the perspective of each character before it all comes together in one gigantic finale. In Sonic Forces, we’ll get to see that style once again. 

In a recent interview with GameCrate, Sonic Team member Shin Nakamura discussed Sonic Forces, including the different kinds of gameplay. According to Nakamura, Sonic Forces will feature separate stories for Classic and Modern Sonic, as well as your custom character. 

“As you’re playing as classic Sonic or modern Sonic or the customizable hero avatar character, the unifying trend through all this gameplay and the reason we are having you play all these different types of games, it sort of goes all the way back to Sonic Adventure 2, and having the story being told from different perspectives. So as you’re playing as modern Sonic you’re going to hear part of this bigger story from the perspective of modern Sonic. Then you’ll play as classic Sonic and you’ll get classic Sonic’s part of the story. And when you put it all together it’s going to tell this epic tale of what’s been going on.

And that goes for the customizable character too and how your avatar character starts off as a regular person and then goes on this amazing adventure with the two Sonics, and takes the world back from Doctor Eggman.” — Shin Nakamura 

Via GameCrate 

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