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A Fake PSO2 Twitter sends hype; SEGA intervenes

Just a few hours ago a fake PSO2 Twitter account went online. The very first tweet they put out was that Phantasy Star Online 2 was heading of to the West later in the year.


Many people started believing this and asked what systems it was going to be on, to which they replied.


With all this hype, many people finally had hope that after 5 years of waiting, this dream would finally come true. However, SEGA had to step in and address the situation.

They wanted to make it very clear that there is no new information about a western release for PSO2 and basically debunked the Twitter account. We should have known that it was a fake because one of the consoles they said was the PS Vita of all consoles.

The wait still continues for SEGA to officially announce a PSO2 release date.

Diego Agado Jr.

Currently a student at the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley. Huge Sonic and SEGA fan. Location: Probably in bed.

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