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The Eternal Champions successor has some amazing, new renders and a title

Two weeks ago, we reported that Michael Latham, the creator of Eternal Champions, wants to create a new game in the same vein as the original game. He asked fans to post their thoughts and feedback (which you can do so here) and now has a brand new update to share with us!

In Latham’s latest post, he revealed some new renders of the spiritual successor and the title of the game. 

“We have been working on the plan for the game, as well as doing early visualization and mockups of how we envision the game. Obviously this is still early and we are getting more excited daily. We are considering what path to take with the project, but excited to share more with you as it develops. Michael has been sick for a few weeks now, but is on the road to recovery and getting back into the groove with us.

We are adding some visualization tests, we want to be open and transparent with some ideas, but nothing is decided but rather ask the community for feedback and see what gets you excited outside the core mechanics, which is obviously the most important part, and something we won’t show until we feel its ready.

We are always going to try to offer some transparency throughout this process, to better give you all insight to what goes on internally, but also to make sure when we do move forward, its in the right direction.

Added 2 mockups in UE4, tests right now are to make it feel retro optionally in settings. Trying to tribute the color pallets of Ernie Chan and the original Sega titles.”

The current title is Eternal Successors, and given the licensing issues that they’re currently facing with SEGA, the name is quite fitting. Perhaps they can strike a deal with SEGA and use the name! Check out the renders below 

Via Shoryuken Forums 

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