The cancelled Primal Rage II has been released online

Back in the early 1990s, the stop motion animated game Primal Rage took the gaming world by storm, appearing on almost every home console that was out in those years. Following the success of the first Primal Rage, a sequel was announced and in the works. Unfortunately the sequel later canned due to financial troubles from Atari. 

Luckily, a playable build of Primal Rage 2 had found its way onto the internet and YOU can play it right now! The MAME4RAGE2 emulator can play the game, but there are a few bugs. 

“Also Just so that we are clear this is not a 100% emulation and the emulation is still buggy in some places. I am still working on this but if you can figure out how to fix some problems be sure to let me know. Also read the “Emulation issues.txt” file in the zip to learn more about the issues that I ran into but there may be more! Also read the readme as well as it contains information on MAME4RAGE2 that could be helpful.”

You can click here to download the emulator and files. 

Via: Urthrage 


Marcin Gulik

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