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An unreleased Dreamcast game has just been discovered and released

It’s not every day that a previously unknown, unreleased Dreamcast game surfaces, but that’s just what happened earlier this week when Millennium Racer: Y2K Fighters was discovered on a Dreamcast development kit. 

Millennium Racer is a futuristic, multi-dimensional combat racing game developed by Creat Studio and released on the PC in 1999. Apparently, they also had plans for a Dreamcast port, but like many games in development during the latter days of the Dreamcast’s life, it never saw an official release. 

That is until a person who goes by Kuririn84 found the game on his Dreamcast development kit and sent the information to our friends at the Dreamcast Junkyard. He extracted the game from the development kit’s hard drive and sent it to other members of the Dreamcast homebrew scene. A person by the name of Japanese_Cake was able to convert it into a playable file.

“After digging a bit in code to see why it was failing to boot and doing few file manipulations, the game started to show its guts and to be honest, it rocks,” he wrote on his website. “It is not a demo or an alpha version that would be just frustrating, it is a complete version!”

He was able to build a region-free GDI image that has VGA support. The only problem is you can’t simply burn a GDI image to a CD-R like you can other formats, pop it in your Dreamcast and play until your eyes bleed. You can either use an emulator on your computer or you’d need an installed SD card reader on your Dreamcast. 

Thankfully, someone has since created a bootable image (click here to download) that you can burn to a CD-R and play on your Dreamcast. 

This really is an all-around fantastic story and one of the reasons why we absolutely love the Dreamcast community. There probably won’t be many more times when something like this happens, so we hope every Dreamcast owner takes the time to enjoy Millennium Racer.

[Via The Dreamcast Junkyard]

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