[RUMOR]: Shenmue I & II HD is coming this year

Back in May of 2016, Sega revealed that they were “investigating” a release for remastered HD versions of both Shenmue I & II. You can read the article here. And in early January 2017, Sega had registered the domain As of then, no further information was given about anything regarding a possible remaster of both versions. However, new information has emerged from a trusted source from Atlus USA.

According to Rice Digital, the source revealed to them that both Shenmue I & II will be remastered, bundled together, and released before Shenmue III release date in December of this year. With this, Shenmue III may be slipped into 2018. This is the same exact source that predicted the announcement of The King of Fighters XIV.

Shenmue III’s Kickstarter had more than 69,000 backers and raised over $6 million. It is scheduled to be released worldwide in December 2017 for Windows PC and the PlayStaion 4. As for the HD remakes, it is said that they are to be remastered for PC and there are no confirmation on any other console.

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