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China Animation to use Sonic the Hedgehog for indoor amusement park.

One of China’s major animation studios, China Animations Character Co., plan to use many world renown characters, including Sonic the Hedgehog, to help the Chinese market as they are trying to draw in more children.

China Animation founder, Zhuang Xiangsong (pictured above), says that the market is huge and using such characters can help engage with the Chinese audience.

“This year, we will make a series of efforts to create a synergy between Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog and our products. We’ll enhance the presence of international characters in China through the models including cooperation, agency and acquisition.”

“Sega has blockbuster products that already attract millions of fans in Japan, and we believe the fun-filled attractions based on the characters could also make a success at our amusement parks.”

Zhuang also stated that they would like to work with other firms in the United States to help produce virtual reality attractions to help with the amusement park. He also said that the company wants to open four more Joypolis parks in the next two years.

“We’ll introduce a globally renowned character to China every two months this year, the market abounds with great opportunities.”

via South China Morning Post


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