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The SEGA LEGO petition surpassed 10,000 supporters, LEGO comments on project

Back in early 2015, LEGO ideas user SpacySmoke launched a campaign to create SEGA-themes LEGOs. The LEGO set featured some classic SEGA arcade machines, along with a Yu Suzuki and SEGA fan figures. In order for the idea to be considered, the petition had to reach 10,000 supporters.

Earlier this week, the petition finally reached 10,000 supporters with only a couple of days left on the proposal to spare! LEGO officially commented on the project, which you can check out below. 

“Dear SpacySmoke,

You’ve thrown it back…wayyyy back to the “good old days” of arcade gaming and you’ve hit a nostalgic sweet spot for 10,000 LEGO fans who’ve clearly had some good memories playing SEGA games in the local arcade. We can’t help but wonder where everyone’s favourite hedgehog is however 😉 Nonetheless, you’ve managed to cram lots of interesting details into these micro scale arcade machines with an overall splendid presentation both visually and textually. Congrats once again!

We’re glad to now officially advance this project to the Review phase.”

You can check out the SEGA LEGO page by clicking here. 


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