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A VR game based on SEGA Saturn’s Galactic Attack is coming to Six Flags

Six Flags has had VR experiences for a while (see the Superman VR coaster), and now they are deciding to expand the experience with a brand new VR game. It’s being called the world’s first mixed-reality roller coaster and it is based on the classic SEGA Saturn game, Galactic Attack. 

Here is Six Flags’ official description:

“When riders board the coasters and don their Samsung Gear VR headsets, they will be introduced to the device’s passthrough camera functionality, instantly making riders aware of their surroundings, by allowing them to see the ‘real world,’ including the person seated next to them–along with virtual content.”

“As they get settled into the ride, a heads up display overlay on the passthrough camera view will show data like current status of weaponry, time codes, fuel cells, and a countdown clock.”

The New Revolution Galactic Attack ride will be at Six Flags Magic Mountain (Valencia, CA) on The Revolution ride and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (Vallejo, CA) on the Kong ride. 

Do you plan on trying it out? Discuss in the comments below!

Via GameSpot 

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