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SEGA’s numbers are way up in this year’s Earnings Report

It seems like SEGA is slowly but surely getting its footing back into the video game industry. Early this week, SEGA released their latest Earnings Report and the results are looking mighty fine. 

According to the report, SEGA’s game division saw a major increase in sales thanks to Yakuza 6, Football Manager 2017, and Phantasy Star Online 2. In total, SEGA sold 8.13 million physical games, which is up from last year’s 6.12 million.

SEGA’s overall Entertainment Content division has seen a revenue “of ¥155.4 billion ($1.39 billion) and operating income of ¥15.4 billion ($137 million).” This means that their revenue is up 13.7 percent, while their operating income is up a gigantic 449.4 percent. 

Via GameSpot 

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