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A wireless Dreamcast light gun that works with HDTVs is in development

The Dreamcast will live on forever and guys like Chris Diaoglou help keep the dream alive. Chris has been working on a brand new light gun that could with HDTVs and you SEGA Dreamcast. The Lightconn uses a modified Wii sensor bar to detect it and incorporates the use of software VMUs. 

Here’s the rundown of the Lightconn from Chris himself:

Generally, LightConn utilizes the same features as DreamConn, along with:

  • Support for any TV including modern HD TVs
  • As seen in the pictures, LightConn makes use of a Wii controller camera (not the whole Wii mote) and a wireless Wii sensor bar (the sensor bar can also be wired)
  • Embedded VMU menu for settings and calibration. Calibration settings are saved internally into the gun
  • As with the DreamConn, LightConn embeds two internal virtual VMUs for saving
  • Auto-reload feature. No need for pointing out of the screen for reloading bullets
  • For the moment, VGA support only – no composite video
  • LightConn will come with wireless sensor bar, custom VGA cable for the Dreamcast and Dreamcast controller dongle (same as with DreamConn)

The project is still under development, but you can check out its progress in the video above. Thanks to the Dreamcast Junkyard for the info!

Via Dreamcast Junkyard 

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