Wargaming Alliance will now publish Total War: Arena

In 2013, SEGA announced that a free-to-play multiplayer from the Total War series was in development. Today, they announced that World of Tanks developer Wargaming Alliance will be Total War: Arena‘s exclusive publisher. Wargaming Alliance boss Vladimir Makarychev expressed his excitement for the news with his statement. 

“Total War: ARENA has had a strong, dedicated fan base from the start which we involved closely throughout the early development stages of the game…Most of the initial players we invited into the game were from the Total War community, we then started to see growth into wider communities. Now, with the Wargaming Alliance partnership we are able to expand further by reaching out to their substantial subscriber-base and beyond.”

“If you put Sega, Wargaming and Creative Assembly together, you get a real dream team…SEGA adds their expertise in promoting and evolving big video game franchises into the mix. Together, we’ll work to deliver to players worldwide a AAA product with a low barrier to entry, immersive, deep gameplay, fair free-to-play monetization, the rich history (that the franchise has), and a global community of support services. On top of that, Total War: Arena will get access to the Wargaming player base (over 100M worldwide) upon its launch. 

That’s quite a kick start, don’t you think? I couldn’t think of a partnership with more potential. We’re onto something massive here!”

Total War: Arena currently does not have a concrete release date, but you could learn more information on Wargaming’s website by clicking here. 

Via PC Gamer 

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