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Around this time next month, SEGA will release Puyo Puyo Chronicles for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. To tide people over until December 8th, SEGA has revealed some new information on Puyo Puyo Chronicles, which you can check out below. SEGA details the new “Skill Battle” rule, where players have to use the character’s skills to win the battle.

Via Gematsu:

■ New Rule: Skill Battle

“Skill Battle” is a new rule that appears in Puyo Puyo Chronicle, where players can form a team from a maximum of three characters, and advantageously advance the battle by effectively using the “skills” possessed by each character.

Puyo Puyo Chronicle

 There are two types of skills. “Auto Skills” are automatically triggered when certain conditions are met. “Special Skills” consume MP and are triggered with the X button.

There are various types of Special Skills, from skills that change the state of the puzzle field to skills that recover HP. You can choose which character’s skill to trigger by using the L and R buttons, so you can trigger a skill that best fits the situation. When you meet certain requirements, your skills will also rank up and attain an even greater effect.

Puyo Puyo Chronicle

 For players who aren’t good at puzzle games, you’ll be able to defeat enemies by developing your characters and triggering skills that best fit the situation.

The latest Sega-Nama broadcast features 14 minutes of gameplay from Puyo Puyo Chronicle, including both the “RPG Mode” and Skill Mode.

■ Characters and Their SkillsPuyo Puyo Chronicle has unique skills that can be triggered in Skill Battles. Here is a look at three of them:

Rider (voiced by Noriko Namiki)

Puyo Puyo Chronicle


A girl with an awfully shy personality. She seems to be ashamed of the horns on her head and rolls up her hair into buns so that they don’t stand out. She is a student of Primp Magic School.

  • Auto Skill: Shy Girl (Increases HP)
  • Special Skill: Sereno (Increases All Allies’ Defense Power)

Sig (voiced by Yuriko Fuchizaki)

Puyo Puyo Chronicle

A student of Primp Magic School. He is an often absentminded, somewhat strange boy. While his left hand and left eye became a bit weird at one point, he doesn’t worry about much other than his favorite bugs.

  • Auto Skill: My Pace (Increases Recovery)
  • Special Skill: Smalt (Decreases All Enemies’ Defense Power)

Suketoudara (voiced by Hisayoshi Suganuma)

Puyo Puyo Chronicle

A huge fish who grew limbs. He is always dancing, regardless of the enemy or location. However, he is somehow impossible to hate.

  • Auto Skill: Rising Power (Increases HP)
  • Special Skill: Fire Spin (Decreases All Enemies’ Attack Power)


Puyo Puyo Chronicles is scheduled to be released on December 8th for Nintendo 3DS in Japan. 

Via Gematsu

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