Here’s the latest trailer and character details for Valkyria: Azure Revolution

More details have been revealed for SEGA’s upcoming Valkyria: Azure Revolution. The latest details revealed by SEGA include some new character introductions, and a four minute trailer. 

Check out the info below (via Gematsu):

■ Characters

Miranda Vilfort

  • Voiced by: Ayumi Fujimura

Valkyria: Azure Revolution

 Princess Ophelia’s Imperial Guard. She was born a lower-class noble and is Godot’s younger sister. She is a girl of the same age as Ophelia, and while her playmate, also serves her. She is cheerful and lively, and speaks her mind clearly and without hesitation. She is overprotective when it comes to Ophelia. However, Miranda herself has no restraint towards Ophelia. She hoped to be taken along upon Ophelia’s participation in the Vanargand, but remains at Jutland Castle as domestic defense by the express wishes of Princess Ophelia.

Godot Vilfort

  • Age: 27
  • Height: 180cm
  • Rank: Sublieutenant
  • Weapon: One-handed sword
  • Voiced by: Toshiyuki Morikawa

Valkyria: Azure Revolution

 Princess Ophelia’s Imperial Guard. He takes Ophelia along in battle by the order of the King of Jutland. He was born a lower-class noble and is Miranda’s older brother. His rank is highest only behind Amleth and he serves as the adjutant of the Anti-Valkyria Unit. He has a calm personality, and a demeanor that can at times be somewhat educational. His tone is also overly serious.

Jordur Kvist

  • Age: 31
  • Height: 180cm
  • Rank: Sergeant
  • Weapon: Halberd
  • Voiced by: Kazuya Nakai

Valkyria: Azure Revolution

An active duty soldier who belongs to the Jutland army. He volunteers for the aptitude examination for the formation of the Vanargand, and although relatively low, his Ragnite aptitude was recognized and he enlisted. He is a hot-blooded and very helpful man who has the deep trust of his subordinates. He has children with his ex-wife, and to financially support his kids, volunteered for the “Vanargand,” which is said to pay well. (Of course, there’s also the reason that he “wanted to do something” for his country in a time of national crisis.) Daryl was his instructor when he was a new recruit in the army, and while he is still no match for him, still admires him.

Issac Berggreen

  • Age: 24
  • Height: 180cm
  • Rank: Private First-Class
  • Weapon: Katar
  • Voiced by: Hiroki Takahashi

Valkyria: Azure Revolution

He was living elegantly as an upper-class noble, but was forced to volunteer for the aptitude examination for the formation of the Vanargand to bring honor to his family name, and was enlisted after his high Ragnite aptitude was recognized. He loves girls and creepily hits on them, but no one pays attention to him within the Vanargand. His Ragnite aptitude is high, but does not compare to Magic Arts leader Amleth. For that reason, he embraces their rivalry, boasting “I’m actually stronger.”

Daryl Rommedahl

  • Age: 42
  • Height: 190cm
  • Rank: Master Sergeant
  • Weapon: Battle Ax
  • Voiced by: Unshou Ishizuka

Valkyria: Azure Revolution

A former soldier once part of the Jutland army. He suddenly retired and withdrew to the countryside of his hometown, but upon national crisis is asked and decides to return to active duty. He is the former superior officer of Jordur. He is a lively man who likes alcohol, women, and tobacco. He has an abundance of life experience, and preaches the way of the man to Amleth. He is a military man by nature who is lively on the battlefield, but suddenly retired at the prime of his career in his mid-30s. The reason for his retirement remains a mystery.

Sara Benner

  • Age: 19
  • Height: 165cm
  • Rank: Private
  • Weapon: Spear
  • Voiced by: Minami Tsuda

Valkyria: Azure Revolution

A former machinery and jewelry craftswoman and designer. She is a reputable designer and one of the rare people within Magic Arts industry goods that stresses the importance of often neglected “Ragnite Designs.” She is a simple and naive girl who is well attuned to fashion and loves to talk. She is friendly and gets along well with others regardless of their gender, and is a natural swindler. She doesn’t concern herself with social positions and is good friends with Ophelia. She has a side to her that can’t read the room, but is a capricious genius. If she likes something, she improves at it, but if not…

Tilda Gade

  • Age: 29
  • Height: 175cm
  • Rank: Corporal
  • Weapon: Lance
  • Voiced by: Yuka Komatsu

Valkyria: Azure Revolution

A Magic Arts industry engineer talented enough to have once had her own workshop. She is a taciturn and serious worker who was very popular due to her legitimate skills. She is the oldest woman in the unit, who appears cool, but is actually quite emotional. Although she doesn’t say much, she always worries about her comrades. She is best friends with Brigitta. Surprisingly, she enjoys puns and mutters them out of nowhere with a straight face.

■ Branches of the Army

Shock Trooper

  • Specialty Attribute: Fire
  • Weakness Attribute: Water
  • Movement Speed: △
  • Action Speed: △
  • Attack: ◎
  • Defense: ○
  • Evasion: △
  • Guard: ○

An attack-type branch of the army with high offensive and defensive ability. Among the entire army, they boast the highest attack power. Since their other abilities are higher than average and they have few faults, they are easy to use for beginners. You can expect them to cut deep into enemy territory as the aces of the unit.


  • Specialty Attribute: Wind
  • Weakness Attribute: Earth
  • Movement Speed: ◎
  • Action Speed: ◎
  • Attack: ○
  • Defense: △
  • Evasion: ◎
  • Guard: ×

A branch of the army that takes on the role of battlefield reconnaissance, whose movement speed and action gauge recovery are much higher than that of other branches. Their offensive and defensive powers are average, but they overwhelm their opponents by making use of their natural speed while brilliantly fending off enemy attacks.


  • Specialty Attribute: Water
  • Weakness Attribute: Fire
  • Movement Speed: △
  • Action Speed: ○
  • Attack: ×
  • Defense: ×
  • Evasion: ○
  • Guard: △

A branch of the army that uses high-powered Magic Arts to handle ally support and recovery. Since its offensive and defensive powers are low, their basic style is to provide protection for their allies from the rear rather than from the front lines. They’re not only support soldiers, they also possess special skills such as item use effect enhancements and mine clearance.

Armored Trooper

  • Specialty Attribute: Earth
  • Weakness Attribute: Wind
  • Movement Speed: ×
  • Action Speed: ×
  • Attack: ○
  • Defense: ◎
  • Evasion: ×
  • Guard: ◎

A branch of the army that has very high defense and are equipped with a large shield. They possess exclusive Magic Arts meant to catch the enemy’s attention, and when used in battle, take on the role of a shield to protect their allies. Their movement and action speeds are slow, and they cannot run while guarding.
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Via Gematsu 

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