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ESRB rates Persona 5 ‘Mature’ for blood, partial nudity, more

persona-5-ratingAlthough SEGA/Atlus came under criticism earlier this year for apparently censoring Persona 5’s boxart, we’ve learned the game itself will be very mature.

So mature, in fact, that¬†it’s been giving a Mature rating by the ESRB, according to a recently updated Persona 5 sale’s sheet¬†(* link opens a PDF).

Persona 5 is rated M for these reasons:

  • Blood
  • Drug Reference
  • Partial Nudity
  • Sexual Themes
  • Strong Language
  • Violence

It should also be noted that the game was rated a “C” for ages 15+ by the Japanese Cero rating.

Persona 5 is scheduled to be released in North America and Europe on Feb. 14, 2017, on the PlayStation 3 and PS4. You can pre-order it on PS3 here and PS4 here.

[Via Persona Central]

Chris Powell

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