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A new FPS called ‘In the Line of Fire’ is coming to Dreamcast

Even though the Dreamcast’s lifespan officially ended around 2001, our favorite console has been delivering great games thanks to the dedicated fanbase and talented indie developers. A couple of months back, The Dreamcast Junkyard reported on a unnamed FPS game that was in development for the Dreamcast.

In a recent update, the indie developers that were working on this unnamed FPS game have announced that the game is called In the Line of Fire. This story-driven FPS is being developed by Indie developer Militia Studio and a video of a playable build of the game has been released, which you can check out above.

“The game will be an FPS (of course given the demo). We can indeed squezee a better render quality I’m very confident on that. We have the next few weeks to improve the AI and solve a little issue with the collision/clipping. The sound designer will replace the default generic sound effects for some custom nice ones and this is just a small preview of what we can do. The full fledged demo will be way better than the alpha we sent out for review. We have a big next step in the works, sooner than you think..” — JUG

A Kickstarter has also been announced to launch quite soon, which will help the funding of development. We’re very excited to see the continued progress of In the Line of Fire!

Via Dreamcast Junkyard 


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