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UPDATE: A fan is modding Re-Volt to look like Mario Kart on the SEGA Dreamcast

UPDATE: Late last night, the creator of the mod posted an update on the mod situation, which can be seen here:

I have figured out track transparency =D

Now I just need to find out why some textures are streaking (Check the buildings in the background)

Mario karts have been scrapped because they fault a bunch of the weapons and like to stick to walls.
I have tons of real cool cars and tracks lined up, This track im working on is a scrapped official level that was completed by a fan and released.”


ORIGINAL STORY: In 1999, Acclaim released a fun RC racing game called Re-Volt for the PC, Dreamcast, PlayStation, and N64. Unlike its last-gen counterparts, the Dreamcast and PC version were praised for the graphics and realistic handling of RC cars. Following Acclaim’s closure in 2004, fans have still kept Re-Volt alive through some pretty hilarious mods.

One fan has recently begun to mod Re-Volt to look and play like the N64 classic, Mario Kart. As you can see in the video above, it’s still in its early stages, but definitely looks amazing. We’ll update you as the mod’s development progresses!

Via Dreamcast Junkyard

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