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Fans created a full English translation for the Saturn version of Policenauts

Western fans never truly got to appreciate Policenauts since it was sadly only released in Japan. Kojima’s masterpiece was released on PlayStation and the SEGA Saturn, with a planned release for the West that just never worked out.

Today, the folks from Policenauts.net announced that they have created a patch that allows you to play the Saturn version of Policenauts entirely in English. Here are some of the details:

“All Japanese text is now in English. This includes gameplay text, voice-over dialogue subtitles, the in-game glossary (new to the Saturn version), and bonus videos (also new). The PlayStation translation and glossary on Policenauts.net were used as a base. Additional text new to the Saturn version was translated by two additional translators. The translator of the PlayStation patch edited their work, and then updated the PlayStation translation and glossary text.

The code that controls subtitles was modified, giving us full control over them and enabling us to polish their presentation. This modification was essential as a cutscene and the bonus videos new to the Saturn version have no subtitles in the original game. This also enabled us to subtitle background dialogue not subtitled in the PlayStation patch.”

You can download the patch that will let you play the English version by clicking here. 

Via Policenauts.net 

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