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Someone created a beta server for Sonic Runners on Android devices

Back in July, SEGA shut down its servers for the mobile game Sonic Runners. We all shed a tear when its servers were shut down, but Android users have a chance to give Sonic Runners a go again through a user-created server.

An early version of the server is currently playable but can only play in Time Mode for now. Here’s a list of modes that will be added later:

  • Story mode support
  • Web interface for managing your in-game character
  • Proper saving of rings, red rings etc.
  • More events
  • Other miscellaneous fixes

User FruitCake posted an installation guide for Sonic Runner on Android, which you can check out here.

Installation guide:

Patch link: http://runrun.ksrv.net/files/patch.xdelta

1. No longer needed. The server is free to use for everyone.
2. Find an official APK somewhere, it has to be version 2.0.3. Then check the validity of this file against the checksums (you can use a program called HashMyFileshttp://www.nirsoft.net/utils/hash_my_files.html).

Here are the valid checksums:

MD5: 5fddcd5677d661b319b74a0592c54a7d
SHA1: d74cce122897d8a3e9c97e4a32c5703730a009c2

3. Get XDelta 3 (for example here http://fossies.org/windows/misc/xdelta3-…0.exe.zip/) and apply the patch to your APK file. Here is the command that you may want to use:

xdelta3 -d -s original.apk patch.xdelta patched.apk

4. Install the resulting APK file to your Android device.
5. If no errors occur, you will be able to play the game.
6. Report any bugs or feedback into Feedback & Improvements forum on the homepage.


Try it out and let us know what you think!

Via: RunRun

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