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Here’s a closer look at Rez Infinite’s Area X

Following the release of Child of Eden,  Rez dev Tetsuya Mizuguchi slowed down and stopped making games. Once Virtual Reality started to catch on, Mizuguchi couldn’t help himself but come back to the industry.

“After Child of Eden, I felt the limitation of technology…Like, using the Kinect technology was awesome, and we made a PlayStation 3 version with a 3D TV, which was good. But the 3D TV was just looking at something from a certain angle. The TV frame was the limitation. It was very frustrating. I was waiting for technology to catch up to what I wanted to do. And when I saw VR, I felt like we needed to move.”

“I thought it was going to take longer for VR to reach the level it has now…Finally, I thought, we got new technology, and it’s really good technology. In the next five years, maybe we’ll get 4K VR headsets and then 8K as well as wireless and see-through headsets. So, I think it’s very fast.”

A new trailer that shows off Area X from Rez Infinite VR was released, which you can check out above.

[via Kotaku]

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