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Xenocider for Dreamcast is now available for pre-order

A couple of days ago, we reported that the devs behind Xenocider revealed a new stage that is set in a swamp. Retro Sumus is currently hard at work on making Xenocider a reality and have opened a Xenocider store and pre-order page.

“And here we are. After all that careful consideration, we agreed to focus our efforts on developing Xenocider for Dreamcast exclusively. This may well reduce our potential profit to almost none, but who cares. Xenocider is still alive, with three stages virtually finished, and our plan is to complete development in less than a year from now. And you can pre-order the regular, limited, PAL or steelbook editions of the game from our new shop today! “

Additionally, you can download a demo of Xenocider with three playable stages by clicking here. 

We wish Retro Sumus the best of luck!

[via Retro Sumus ]

Marcin Gulik

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