Here are the latest details on Yakuza 6’s battle system

In addition to Yakuza 6‘s new screenshots, SEGA has also updated their site about the game’s battle system. Check out the new info below!

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■ Full Contact Melee Action

While preserving the characteristics of the Yakuza series, in efforts to create “the world’s best full contact melee action,” the battle system of Yakuza 6 has been completely rebuilt from the basic systems seen in the series thus far. Yakuza 6 promises intuitive controls and exciting melee battles for returning players and new players alike.

Point 1. Action Matching System

Yakuza 6

A new system built from the ground up aimed at “feeling the hit” of an attack. Just before Kazuma Kiryu’s attack hits an enemy, there will be a natural attack motion and reaction depending on the situation—like the enemy’s stance, the angle of the attack, and its direction. Additionally, both Kazuma Kiryu’s and the enemy’s reactions will change based on the result of the attack—whether it hits the enemy or whether he guards.

Point 2. Figure System

Yakuza 6

In the realistic streets of Yakuza 6, it’s difficult to avoid battle on complex terrains. Fine movements, such as the way you interact with, not only enemies, but also terrain and objects by the roadside, character movements, and knocked back characters, have been drastically improved, increasing the reality of battle. This is known as the “Figure System.” Additionally, characters, terrain, and objects intermix in order to showcase the effects against dynamic objects, so you can enjoy a large variety of reactions.

Point 3. Various Terrain Layouts and Objects

Yakuza 6

In the cities of Yakuza 6, there are various elevation differences, including stairs, slopes, and such, and a variety of terrains unlike anything we’ve seen in the series thus far. And the types of objects in these areas have drastically increased. From things that can be used as weapons, like returning bicycles and signs, to objects that exist only to deal damage, the city is filled with objects to liven up the melee action. The city itself is like an action movie set.

■ The Dragon of Dojima, Reborn

Yakuza 6

Kazuma Kiryu’s battle combinations and heat actions have been completely renewed. Also, through the action matching system, the sense of reality is increased due to the character’s motions, and the attacks selected by the player will more intuitively make contact with the enemy character. Attack, guard, and evade while enjoying a tactical battle of offense and defense.

■ Kazuma Kiryu’s New Ability: “Ultimate Heat Mode”

Yakuza 6

When you trigger the new “Ultimate Heat Mode” ability, you can enter a boost state specialized in attacking. During this state, you won’t take recoil from enemy attacks, and you can use huge objects as weapons that you couldn’t normally use, as well as Ultimate Heat Mode-exclusive techniques.

■ A Series First: Choose Not to Fight

Yakuza 6

In Yakuza 6, going from adventure parts to battle parts is “perfectly seamless.” When you’re exploring the red light district and pick a fight with an enemy character, you can transition to battle without losing control of the character. Additionally, since each enemy AI judges their situation and proceeds with battle individually, if you want to prioritize exploration and story progression, you can leave areas where there is a fight. If you manage to escape from enemy characters, you can avoid the battle itself.”

Yakuza 6 is scheduled to be released on December 8th in Japan.

Source: Games Talk [via Gematsu]



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