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SEGA has “some great IPs coming out next year” with announcements this year

The SEGA fanbase has been very vocal about the kinds of IPs that they would like to see released by the blue brand. COO of SEGA of Europe Jurgen Post recently spoke in an interview in regards to their IPs for PC, to which he gave an interesting (and hopeful) response.

RPS: You have a lot of IPs, of course, some of which we haven’t seen for a long time.

Post: We have different initiatives around the older Sega IPs. The Megadrive Collection is one of those, for the people who want to play retro games. But then we have games like Shenmue, which was pretty much at the top of every list of titles that people wanted to see revived. We have more though and we’re constantly looking at them.

We have some great IPs coming out next year and we’ll have announcements toward the end of this year about some of those. New versions of old games.

I’m still really hoping for a Shenmue HD remake. Post mentioned that some of those IPs would be “new versions of old games” so I’ve got my fingers crossed!

[via TSSZ News ]

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