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SEGA hid a funny message on their arcade bags in morse code and no one noticed

We all remember the cool and edgy attitude that SEGA displayed during the 1990s. Although SEGA has evolved into a different company from back then, the humor still shines through some tiny stories such as this one.

Although SEGA had left hardware business a while ago, it still manages a chain of arcades in Japan and the United States, with some of the most popular arcade machines being the UFO Catchers. If you win a prize from one of those claw machines, the staff will put it in a bag with actually has some morse code printed on the side of it.

The morse code actually translates to “UFO Catcher is not a vending machine” , implying that people who complain about not winning a prize should realize it doesn’t just dispense prizes. Following the gentleman’s finding, SEGA responded with “Looks like someone figured it out…”

“Unlike a vending machine, where you know exactly what’s going to happen, with a UFO catcher there’s the suspense of not knowing whether or not you’re going to be able to win the prize, and the designer wanted people to enjoy that special kind of excitement.”

[via rocketnews24]

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