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The creator of Seaman is getting back into making games

Yoot Saito, the creator of Seaman has decided to get back into the gaming business. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Seaman, the game originally debuted on the SEGA Dreamcast and prompted players to raise and strike a conversation with an abnormal fish while being narrated by Leonard Nemoy. Crazy, right?

The last games that Saito created was Aero Porter for the Nintendo 3DSwhich was a puzzle that made you sort luggage at an airport. Following that project, Saito became tired of the strict deadlines of game development, stating “Once you start the project of a computer game, you need to be very punctual for the date you need to achieve…I hated that kind of thing. We needed a break.”

Saito is not sure what his next game will be, but he believes that a “spiritual successor” to a previous game would make the most sense.

“When working with a publisher,” he says by way of advice for younger aspiring game designers, “never hesitate to take risks. That’s the point. The risk takers are always…” He pauses, choosing his next word carefully. “Sexy. I love them.”

Could we see a spiritual successor to Seaman in the near future? Discuss in the comments below!

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