The King of Fighters XIV’s latest trailer features Team China

The King of Fighters XIV is getting released next month, and SNK has released another trailer that reveals another team. The latest trailer reveals Team China, which includes Shun’Ei , Tung Fu Rue, and Meitenkun.

You can read their descriptions below, courtesy of ATLUS.


  • Tung Fu Rue – A grand master of the Hakkyokuseiken fighting style who has taught many famous students over the years including: Terry Bogard, Geese Howard, and more. Although he may look like a little old man, Tung’s mastery of Chi is second to none and his years of fighting experience is what makes him one of the most dangerous fighters in The King of Fighters. The old grand master is a calm and kind master who seeks to bring out the best in his two new students in the tournament.
  • Shun’ei – A powerful prodigy who was abandoned by his birth parents for possessing mysterious powers. Tung adopted, trained, and raised him like a son, teaching him the ways of Hakkyokuseiken. As a result, Shun’ei has learned to control his powers and enters the tournament to prove himself.
  • Meitenkun – Shun’ei’s best friend and training partner, has a more… sleepy personality. And by sleepy personality, I mean he literally carries around a pillow everywhere because he REALLLY likes his sleep. Don’t be fooled by his lethargic nature though, because Meitenkun fights with an unpredictable sleep boxing style that catches opponents off guard.

The King of Fighters XIV is scheduled to be released for PS4 in North America on August 23, in Japan on August 25, and in Europe on August 26.

[via Gematsu]


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