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ATLUS and AKG are releasing headphones based on Persona 5’s Futaba Sakura

Persona 5 is scheduled to be released in Japan on September 15th, and all sorts of awesome promotional collaborations are happening to hype you up. ATLUS and headphone brand AKG have announced that they’ll be releasing a Persona 5 edition of the popular  AKG K 845BT Wireless Headphones.

The headphones are inspired by Persona 5‘s Futaba Sakura, who wears a pair around her neck. For 39,800 yen ($371), it can be yours! Check out the package details below.


  • “Wireless Headphones AKG K 845B” headphones
  • P5 Futaba Sakura Model” replacement ear pads
  • P5 Single Remix for AKG” Shoji Meguro and Ryota Koduka two-track remix CD
  • Shigenori Soejima-drawn special packaging
  • Serial number card
  • [Purchase Bonus] Shigenori Soejima-drawn package illustration B2 tapestry

A release date for these headphones have not been announced yet, but be sure to tune in to SEGA Nerds for the latest deets.

[via Gematsu ]




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