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The director of Hot Tub Time Machine is making a Rent A Hero movie

Back in 1991, SEGA released Rent A Hero for the Mega Drive, which never made it overseas. A remake of Rent A Hero was released for the Dreamcast and Xbox, but both didn’t make it to the west either.

“RENT A HERO tells the story of a reluctant slacker genius who joins a high-tech startup pitched as an “Uber for heroes,” aimed to improve people’s daily lives at an affordable price. But when company insiders plan to weaponize the tech, the slacker and his fellow Rent A Heroes must band together to stop them.”

It was announced this week that Stories International Tomoya Suzuki and Hot Tub Time Machine director Steve Pink are working on a Rent A Hero movie. Pink, who previously worked on High Fidelity and Grosse Pointe Blank, will direct the movie and Jeff Morris will write the script.

I’m really interested with the final result of this Rent A Hero movie. What are your thoughts on this news? Share them below!

[via Deadline ]

Marcin Gulik

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