Richard Jacques and his stunning songs in various SEGA games

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head? Of course, the answer is probably yes. There is one British composer who is an expert at creating these kind of catchy tunes, and his name is Richard Jacques.

Just two days after his graduation in Music Composition, Jacques was hired to be a composer at Sega Europe, where he created hundreds of hits that became a part of all SEGA fans’ lives.

It’s impossible to play Sonic R and not get yourself singing along with the game, or when you play Sonic 3D Blast on Saturn and not feel like you’re in an epic place when you are playing the Rusty Ruins stages.

On the Dreamcast, however, Richard showed the world his talent in games like Metropolis Street Racer, Jet Set Radio and HeadHunter. He demonstrated his diversity composing different kinds of songs like EuroDance and orchestral songs.

Richard is an expert in the art of creating songs that will make you feel part of the game. Once in awhile I get myself listen to his songs while I’m going to work or even studying. This guy is a true genius. Check out one of his songs below!


Luiz Nai

I'm huge fan of Sega, I have been playing Sega games for over 20 years and games like Shenmue, Skies of Arcadia, Panzer Dragoon Saga and also all the Arcades race games are my favorites. Besides of playing Sega games I have a post degree in Game development and I enjoy playing guitar in my free time.

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