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Here’s our hands-on impression of Yakuza 0 at E3

Last December, Gio Corsi announced that Yakuza 0 would be coming to the west in early 2017. Although Yakuza 0 was already released in Japan, the west has not seen much information regarding the gameplay. We got to play a tiny portion of Yakuza 0 at this year’s E3, and we’re certainly excited to play the full game.

If you’re familiar with previous entries in the Yakuza series, you’ll feel right at home with Yakuza 0 . The demo limits you to a small space of Kamurocho, where you can choose between Kazuma or Goro. A couple of side-quests are available to choose from, but since I had a limited amount of time, I decided to check out the dominatrix subquest.

You approach a girl who’s questioning her career path (dominatrix) because her client called her terrible and inadequate. Some thugs walk up to you, and after you kick their ass, you help her become a better dominatrix! The dialogue options are hilarious, and the scene takes an awkward turn where some little kids walk up to you while you’re teaching her how to be more dominant to her clients.

In addition to that side-quest, I did try getting Kazuma to put his dance shoes and go to the nightclub. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very good at timing the pattern to line up with the square… The combat system, however, is fluid and easy to learn, and you can deliver more carnage by picking up foreign objects nearby and pummeling them into your enemies.

Are you looking forward to Yakuza 0? Let us know in the comments below!

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