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Valkyria: Azure Revolution was made “more RPG-like” thanks to demo feedback

Valkyria: Azure Revolution is scheduled to be released later this year in Japan, but fans were able to get a taste of the action with a demo that was made available earlier this year. In a recent interview with Famitsu MagazineValkyria: Azure Revolution director Takeshi Ozawa discussed the feedback that the team has received as a result of the demo.

According to Ozawa, while there were many “harsh opinions”, the feedback helped Azure Revolution become “more RPG-like”. Because the battle system felt a little too action-oriented, they are planning on introducing a new action gauge for enemies and allies  and players will get the option to “stop time” when choosing weapons or magic.

“Since it bears the Valkyria name, I felt the demand for tactical battles. Specifically since you can put together your unit and fight, so in order to skillfully use your allies, we’re making it possible to customize their thinking. It’s been fixed so that you can give them direct instruction.”

Ozawa also mentioned that parties can now hold a maximum of four people and field encounters are now eliminated from the game.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution is scheduled to be released this winter for the PS4 in Japan.

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