Motorsport Manager heading to PC

SEGA of EuropePlaysport Games announced this Wednesday (May 18th) that, mobile simulator game (on Android and Apple devices), Motorsport Manager is coming to PC this September 2016. However, Playsport have built an all-new Motorsport Manager experience from the ground up, specifically for PC, Linux and Mac.

  • Motorsport Manager gives you the unique opportunity to build your own team in the fast moving world of motorsport.
  • You’ll hire the drivers, research the tech, devise the race-day tactics and so much more in a game where every single decision matters. 
  • Populated by an ever-shifting variety of teams, drivers, engineers and mechanics to be hired, fired and competed against on your way to motorsport immortality.
  • Design and build your car from scratch during pre-season testing, with highly detailed design options that give you the freedom to produce components tailored to specific race conditions and then hone their stats in your factory for optimum performance.
  • Change the infrastructure of the sport itself and vote on rule changes year-to-year that will give your team the edge they’ll need for success.
  • See your hard work unfold in the beautifully realized 3D race engine in a fully immersive race weekend, taking you through practice, expanded qualification and full-length races, and make the split-second decisions needed to ensure your drivers see the checkered flag first.

SEGA of Europe will be acting as publisher for the Playsports developed simulator game, which has showed a big growth in its player fanbase since 2014. 


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