SEGA is open to helping third parties develop 3D remakes of releases from SEGA’s classic consoles

For SEGA fans, the month of April saw the release of the SEGA 3D classics collection, a cornucopia of SEGA classics that pop out of your Nintendo 3DS. In a recent interview with Gamastura, SEGA said that they were open to the idea of helping other companies release 3D classics that came out on any of SEGA’s classic consoles.

Okunari says that Sega is open to helping other companies who’ve had successful releases on Sega’s classic consoles to do 3D remakes of their games.

“During the Wii Virtual Console days, we worked with other developers and were able to port games that were on Megadrive and other Sega systems,” says Okunari. “Those were all made on our side. However, negotiations with some publishers, like Capcom and Bandai-Namco, didn’t go through. We did consider negotiating again when the 3DS came along, but business-wise, nothing really came together.”

It’s unfortunate that SEGA and companies like Capcom and Bandai-Namco were not able to reach a consensus to re-release some of those classic titles from SEGA’s glory days. It is good to see that SEGA is still open to the idea of it, so a possibility of it happening is not completely off the table.

What classic titles that appeared on SEGA consoles would you like to see remade in 3D? Let us know in the comments below!

Via Gamastura 

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