Sonic and Puyo Puyo 25th Anniversary museum exhibits will happen in Japan

SEGA has announced today Sonic and Puyo Puyo museum exhibits will happen on the Huis Ten Bosch Game Museum in Japan as part of both series 25th Anniversary celebrations from May 3rd to May 7th. The Game exhibit will feature 2 floors dedicated for both series titles, while a giant screen outside the venue a giant screen will feature Sonic Generations and Puyo Puyo Tetris.

The games featured in the exhibit will be the following:

【1st floor】

  • “Sonic the Hedgehog” (Mega Drive)
  • “Sonic Adventure 2” (Dreamcast)
  • “Sonic Heroes” (Nintendo GameCube)
  • “Sonic Colors” (Wii)
  • “Puyo” (Mega Drive)
  • “Puyo Puyo SUN” (Sega Saturn)
  • “Puyo 7” (Wii)
  • “Puyo Puyo! ! “(Wii)

【Second floor】

  • “Sonic & All-Stars Racing TRANSFORMED” (Wii U)
  • “Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric” (Wii U)
  • “Puyo Puyo! ! “(Wii)
  • “Puyo Tetris” (Wii U)


Special Puyo Puyo & Sonic Merchandise will be available at the venue. Carbuncle mascot costume will be at the event to take pictures with the attendees.
For more information about the Huis Ten Bosch Game Museum head over to this link.

[via Sonic Channel Official Press release]


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