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Ys Net comments on Shenmue III’s logo and voice audio options

Earlier in April, Team Yu and the Shenmue Dojo held an interview with Yu Suzuki to ask some important questions about Shenmue III. When asked about the logo, Suzuki-san pointed to the Papyrus-style font of the Shenmue III logo and believed it would be easier to read for newer generations of fans.

In the latest Kickstarter update, Ys Net has acknowledged the fans pleas for sticking with the original Shenmue logo and promise to put it “on the to-do list.

“First for the Shenmue III logo. There have been many comments from Shenmue fans wanting the logo to match the original logos from Shenmue 1& 2. We have heard your calls and will of course put it on the to-do list. This particular issue will take some time, however, as game development is currently taking a front seat to other design issues. Designers and other parties will also need to be consulted with, so before we can give a more definite answer, we would ask you please give us some time.”

In addition to the logo, many fans have been begging for Shenmue III to include audio options for the English and Japanese language. Ys Net says that it would like to include the feature, but mentions that ti would have to come down to Shenmue III‘s budget.

“The second issue receiving a lot of attention concerns the voice audio options. Many people have asked for there to be an option to switch between Japanese and English voicing. We understand how strongly people feel about this feature, and it is something we would like to include as well, but the inclusion of a dual audio option will ultimately come down to budgetary limitations. Whether it will be added or not, will need to be decided as development progresses.” 

After they addressed both issues, the team announced that Manabu Takimoto, Environment Architecture Designer for the Shenmue series, is currently hard at work fleshing out all of the set pieces that will make up the world of Shenmue III. You can check out Takimoto-san in action in the pictures below!

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