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If you’re a fan of Virtua Racing, check out Racing Apex

Now, if you guys remember a while back,  I had covered an announcement about a game called Racing Apex.  It looked like a very promising project, combining the classic look and gameplay of Virtua Racing with new elements, such as car customization and weapons.

As of yesterday, the game’s Kickstarter campaign was launched, along with some new information revealed.

For one, the initial release has been planned for Windows, Mac, and Linux,  with plans to make console ports afterwards. Control-wise,  besides the standard controller and keyboard setups,  steering wheel and multi-monitor support is planned,  So anyone with a nice force-feedback wheel and a three monitor setup,  can enjoy Racing Apex in one of it’s purest forms. As a stretch goal,  VR support may be announced as well,  for a fully immersive experience.


The set of weapons and items have been announced as well,  along with the idea of customization paths for your cars.  So far there is going to be three different upgrade paths with varying handling types.  There is Pro Race,  which is 100 percent handling,  Speed,  which will be based on high acceleration and top speed as opposed to handling and armor,  and Rally, which is the strongest out of the three, but not as fast. Racing Apex will also have the luxury of fully detailed vehicles and damageable car models.


As of now,  there are 17 reward tiers,  with the lowest being $2, and the highest being around $1400,  with some offering 3D printed models of cars from the game,  the ability to design a course or car for the game, and other cool exclusives,  like special paintjobs and driver skins. Racing Apex seems like it’ll be very high on fan feedback from the looks of things.  As for development,  the two main developers working on Apex have history in the  driving/racing genre,  having worked on previous Burnout and Midnight Club titles, along with The Getaway on PS2.  It looks like the driving will definitely be well-done.


Oddly enough, not much has been said about the soundtrack for the game until now as well.  The Kickstarter page has announced that Waterflame89 (Who has worked on music for Castle Crashers and other assorted games) and a personal friend of mine, Jason Heine (who has worked on Horizon Shift,among other remixes and soundtracks) will be working on Racing Apex’s music.  I really dig this combination,  and could see it working in the game’s favor audibly.


Racing Apex’s Kickstarter goal has been set at $49,820,  with a cutoff date of May 5. Personally, I will be backing this project, as I am a HUGE fan of Virtua Racing, and I have never seen a new racing game done in this style. It looks like a damn good game,  with a lot of depth to it, which should provide a lot of fun. The weapons and items sound like a good addition to just basic racing, but I am sure the handling and racing model will be just as good.

You can check out Racing Apex’s Kickstarter page here, if you may be interested. You can also check out Lucky Mountain Games’ official page for Racing Apex here, with links to their official social networks,  Facebook page,  and YouTube channel with future trailers.

Jayson Lamp

Resident SEGA racer expert of sorts,been playing them since OutRunners. Writer of the Forgotten Racers series,among other things. Favorite SEGA series is Hang-On,and my favorite console is the Saturn. "Welcome to our exciting circuit. Do your best,and good luck!!"-Power Drift,1988

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