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Someone modded the original Sonic the Hedgehog to include Sonic Boom’s voice acting

Many iconic characters of the 16-bit era did not utter a single word, and perhaps that was for the best. Sonic’s first couple of entries made him a fast yet silent hedgehog, and Sonic Generations hilariously kept that trait for the original Blue Blur.

Modder VAdaPEGA thought it would be funny to take the original Sonic the Hedgehog and add the voice of Sonic from Sonic Boom into the game. The end result definitely proves that less is more, and you can check it out for yourself in the video above.

If you would like to try the mod out yourself, you can click here to download it and then copy it onto any Genesis/Mega Drive flash cartridge.  In addition to the SEGA Genesis and Mega Drive, the flash cartridge should work on the RetroN 5 and Cybergadget’s Retro Freak as well!

Via Retro Collect, Sonic Search 


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