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YS Net has begun testing Shenmue III’s motion capture system

Ever since the announcement of a Shenmue III at last year’s E3, there has been a steady stream of Shenmue news coming from Yu Suzuki and his team, YS Net. In the latest Kickstarter update, YS Net has revealed that they have begun testing the motion capture system for Shenmue III!

Right now we are testing out one of motion capture systems to see which one will give the best fit. The pics below are from the test of a new motion tracking system by Xsens. The system is highly responsive with little noise interference, making the process go very smoothly.

Xsens is one of the many motion capture systems they are testing, and they will announce the finalist in a future Kickstarter update. You can check out the pics of the Xsens system in action below!

Via KickstarterĀ 

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