RadioSEGA has released its 10th Anniversary Album

RadioSEGA is celebrating 10 years of existence, as part of its celebrations they have released a special 10th Anniversary album, which features tracks and remixes done by bands & artists across the SEGA community, you can download the album for free on the following links:  RadioSEGA 10th Anniversary album (mp3 format): ||  RadioSEGA 10th Anniversary album Bandcamp (other formats):


The tracklist is the following:

  1. Synthetic Park (Sonic Colors – Aquarium Park Act 1) – The Opus Science Collective
  2. Am I Only Dreaming (RoBKTA Sleepers Syndicate Remix) (Metropolis Street Racer) – RoBKTA
  3. Big Trouble In Little China (The Revenge of Shinobi – China Town) – Audio Sprite
  4. Kaze Makase (Shinobi III Return of the Ninja Master – Whirlwind) – The Blast Processors
  5. I Just Skipped Time Yesterday (Puyo Puyo – It’s Been a Long Time Since We Passed Through Space Time) – Rexy
  6. Thinking About U (Shining Force II – Water Goddess Mitula) – Sir J
  7. Dobuita After Dark (Shenmue – Main Theme) – Villainest
  8. Let’s Tap (Let’s Tap – Tap de Papapaya) – The Opus Science Collective
  9. A Generation Divided (Phantasy Star III – Main Theme) – Audio Sprite
  10. A Bridge Too Hardcore (Sonic the Hedgehog [8-bit] – Bridge Zone) – Mykah

During 10 years, RadioSEGA has been a pillar for the SEGA fan community, creating a place were all fans can gahter to listen and share SEGA Music, we share a toast for this celebration and the more to come!

[via RadioSEGA press release]


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