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You can now play Flappy Bird on the Dreamcast VMU

When the VMU was released alongside the SEGA Dreamcast, many considered it to be a revolutionary device. Most people fondly remember the tiny screen showing you images of the game you are playing, and spending hours training your Chao.

YouTuber guacasarus_mex has been hard at work to reveal that Flappy Bird can now be playable on the Dreamcast VMU. Unlike the mobile version of Flappy Bird, the VMU version requires the user to hold down a button instead of tapping the screen to fly.

In order to get Flappy Bird on your VMU, you will need an SD adapter for the Dreamcast. Additionally, you will need to download the (free) Dreamshell program to transfer the game from the CD that you burned onto the VMU.

If anyone is interested I just finished making a Flappy Bird clone for the VMU. Just put the file on an SD card, load with Dreamshell and once Speud’s VMU Tool has loaded navigate to ‘Open CD’ and copy FLPPYBRD.vmi to the VMU.

Like most VMU games this doesn’t work properly in the emulator so please use on an actual VMU!

Also, for anyone giving this a go, you hold A rather than tap like in the iOS and Android versions. Tap functionality didn’t work so well with only 32 vertical pixels!

Have you tried Flappy Bird on the VMU yet? Sound off in the comments below!


Via Dreamcast Junkyard 


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